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No worries, Calli is still alive (sorta)

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No worries, Calli is still alive (sorta)

Post  Calliara on Tue May 17, 2011 2:39 pm

Ok I'll try to get back to normality soon, but we are still very busy here. I finally came with my group to the earthquake zone, as Nyggy know because I told her a couple of days ago.

Yesterday I couldn't be on because, while working inside a XVI century monastery trying to take out some sarcophagus, part of the structure collapsed because of another replica of the earthquake. Luckily, none sarcophagus were damaged in the process. None stupid archaeologist, architect, volunteer or rat were damaged either, but we had to spent hours at the hospital after that, so doctors could check us. We just have some bruises, almost not blood, but their primal worry was the dust, some of these ancient buildings were made with not-so-healthy materials, and they feared that we had breathed some dust in.

Also, yesterday we had no internet because some of the replicas (20 just yesterday) destroyed some of the wire structure. There are a lot of problems with people, some buildings had collapsed seconds before they were going to be demolished, and people is almost crazy here. There are also people that came from nowhere, trying to get the free food and things that the Red Cross is giving, pretending to be citizens and victims of the earthquake. Shame on them.

I promise I'll try to post soon, I just don't have the head or the heart to do so. I've been working 14 hours per day since last saturday, and I'm a bit exhausted, and I find difficult to write in english because of that (I just don't want to check my mistakes in this post so I won't cry on shame)

I feel so helpless right now

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Re: No worries, Calli is still alive (sorta)

Post  Dragonis on Tue May 17, 2011 3:36 pm

Eeeyaaaaahhh be safe Calli! I hope you guys come out of that alright.

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Re: No worries, Calli is still alive (sorta)

Post  Canus on Tue May 17, 2011 5:34 pm

Posting doesn't matter, Calli; it should be something you enjoy and do to relax, not something that would be a chore. I know that I'm not yet in a thread with you, but I'd still feel that way even if I were. And the others do understand that, I'm sure. You're doing good things, preserving priceless history.

What is most important is that you, and the others, are safe, healthy, and alive. And that the history you were working to preserve is, as well. I'm very grateful that you and the others are alright, and I really hope there aren't any more aftershocks.

Get your rest, do what you must, and remember, if you just need someone to talk to for company or to get things off of your chest, your online buddies are here. Please keep us updated as to what happens, if you can. And promise to stay safe, Calli.

*hugs tightly*


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Re: No worries, Calli is still alive (sorta)

Post  Serethiel on Tue May 17, 2011 9:10 pm

Yup, Canus pretty much said it all, you Indiana Jones you.

Also, with slightly better news on my front, I finished my last final today, so I'll get back to a much more steady posting schedule from now on. Yay~ If anyone needs me to post in anything specific (besides the threads I really know I'm needed in, because I know I've got to be forgetting something) you can poke me in the activity thread or in one of my threads in this sub-forum.

Call me Fei :3

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Re: No worries, Calli is still alive (sorta)

Post  Nygozy on Tue May 17, 2011 10:35 pm

You come first as per normal *hugs*

Keep yourself safe and healthy! We will wait for you.


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Re: No worries, Calli is still alive (sorta)

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