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The forum has a new format for working on a revival - new everything if people decide that they want to start a new campaign.

* The Warden Commander is a small dwarf named Nygozy, duster background - may change
* Alistair Theirin is the King and did the ritual with Morrigan to save Nygozy.
* The Cousland background is taken by Macha.* - don't know yet
* The elf background is taken by Calliara.

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Iauron, Ianto, Caterina: A legacy

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Iauron, Ianto, Caterina: A legacy

Post  Ianto on Mon May 24, 2010 9:06 pm

Isn't it awesome how this topic title makes no sense? I considered calling it "Iauron, Ianto, Caterina: Which one doesn't belong?" Because, you know, I should have realized that 'Ianto' and 'Iauron' sound exactly the same *rolls eyes*.

Anyway. Enough about me, let's talk about me. Well, the real me, anyway. My name is Olivia, as many of you know. You can call me Olivia, Liv, Livi... anything really. You can also call me Fei (my usual nickname, but the story behind that is way too long to explain here), Iauron, Iau, or Tal. Heck, you can call me anything you like, just don't call me late for dinner (I had to do it *dies*).

Anyway (that seems to be the popular way for me to start paragraphs. I guess I digress a lot... like this), I'm 18 years old, soon to be 19, and I've just completed my Freshman year of college (University, I guess, for anyone not in the states). I'm studying English/Literature/Creative Writing, as well as Education, and I hope to be an English teacher someday (or an Art teacher, but that is neither here nor there). I've kind of always wanted to be a teacher, so I'm pretty set on my current course of action. So far, schooling is going well, so I'm glad for that, at least.

Anyway (Ha! It strikes again), being of the tender age of 18, I still live with my parents, who I love very much, my little brother, and my identical twin sister (High-five, Cha!). She'll probably be introducing herself, later (if you're not in the know, she plays Margaid the Maleficar). Bit (Britney, aka. Lithawen) is my best friend on the real side of the internet. We practically live at each other's houses (when she's not at my house, Cha and I are at her house), so you'll probably get a lot of 'Away Messages' from us, saying something along the lines of "Be right back. Going to/Coming home from Bit's/Livi's house."

Other than all of that (Combo Breaker!), I've been roleplaying for something around... oh, I don't know, six or seven years now? Since I was 11 or 12, at least. Mind you, it's only been (relatively) recently that I've started to RP in forums, and with proper grammar and such (needless to say, I often feel my gag-reflex acting up when I re-read my old RPs), but I hope that the Creative Writer in me is making up for lost RPing time. Who knows, though, right?

As for games and gaming, I'm really only an RPGer, but even that label is stretching things. I usually get way too into the games I do play, so I don't generally play many. That's probably why I've been practically glued to Pokemon since it first came out. It's only been recently that I've started playing more games, which is good. I'm not like Lith, who's been playing video games since the day she came out of the womb.

Well, I think that's all I have to say for now. That is (*looks back to notice how much I wrote*), if you're still reading this. It's cool, though, if you actually made it this far, after all of my rambling. Ciao for now!

Five Stars, which is a Fantasy RP forum that Bit, Cha, and I created recently, though we've had the idea for a while.

My deviantArt, even though there's really nothing that's any good up there.

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Re: Iauron, Ianto, Caterina: A legacy

Post  Lithawen on Mon May 24, 2010 9:32 pm

You forgot something! YOU FORGOT SOMETHING!

Your whole family. WHOLE FAMILY. Thought I was some astranged cousin who's name slipped their minds. And when your mom told everyone that I was your adopted sister they were like ".... Where did you get her!?"

Good times IRL. Good times. : ' D

And you forgot that I force you to play video games, watch movies, and do other things you would not normally do by yourself. Such as get a summer job! Very Happy

E muja oui!

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