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The forum has a new format for working on a revival - new everything if people decide that they want to start a new campaign.

* The Warden Commander is a small dwarf named Nygozy, duster background - may change
* Alistair Theirin is the King and did the ritual with Morrigan to save Nygozy.
* The Cousland background is taken by Macha.* - don't know yet
* The elf background is taken by Calliara.

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Post  Dragonis on Sat Sep 25, 2010 10:43 pm

WARNING: The following contains a rant in order to vent frustrations. You have been warned.

Hello hello. Let's see, where to start. First thing on my list of things that are currently pissing me off; my forum, Fire Emblem Soul War has once again flatlined and is on life support until we get a massive influx of members soon. I invested years into it, and once I found out it'll never be as popular as Fire Emblem Planet I lost it. We lack the endorsement that our parent forum has. The problem is all of us who had started Soul War all bright eyed and idealistic, have grown up and went our separate ways in some form or other. I realize now that teenagers are the lifeblood of a roleplaying forum. Even though it baffles me how some people can't put an hour or so aside each day to check the fucking forum and post. I had no trouble spending an entire day on forums when I attended college last year.

Which brings me to point number 2. The posting on here seems to have slowed down somewhat. You'd think it would have been better during the summer but no, we cant have nice things can we? I have so many ideas that can only be implemented when the story unfolds more than it has already. This is a team effort and some people are not delivering. I understand if real life gets in the way, that's fine, but I'm selfish and angry on how long it's taking.

In short, I do not want DAAE to be another Soul War.

Third point, a bit more personal. I've recently started dating a girl I'd known for years online (8+ years. Longer than most people I've known online). She lives about 2 hours away from me and therein lies the problem. It raises eyebrows from my parents whenever I want to visit her or vise-versa. She's not within strangling distance of my mother like my ex was. So, plans are being hatched for me to move out with her, but it requires money on both our parts, as well as convincing my mother I'm ready to leave.

Now back to something less personal. DeviantART. I recently joined a group that is a good way for your artwork to be noticed. Within the rules it states that all submitted work must be of the artist's best quality. I do just that, submitting sketches, full colors, and even my newest attempt at screentones, and what happens?

Not a single one is accepted.

They grilled me for something trivial like bad proportions, but I countered with "And yet you accept works with back breaking boobage." I've got a pet peeve of inhumanly possible-sized breasts as they take away from the beauty of a picture, and only add a distraction.

Its frustrating being told that my best is not good enough for them. Bunch of uptight assholes.

Dragonis, Out

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Post  Swift_Assassin on Sun Sep 26, 2010 12:45 am

I may not have been there when Soul War started, but I feel your pain. The cycle it's fallen into has waned more than the previous cycle. Prior to the latest attempt at bringing back activity, there were about twenty people really active there, but at the climax of the last attempt, there were about half of them left. While the Soul War rp has been hanging on a thread, the Lost Chapters Star War rp has been flat lining for months, with a little divergence from it when Sihara tried to bring it back.

As for point two, I would think this is to be expected. I think September is usually the worse month for rping anywhere. I'm hoping that it's only because of the time of year.

I'll skip the third point, since I can't really say anything to change the situation.

And as far as DA, I can't comment on that. If you want my opinion, people suck. Tell them to screw off and try to get noticed without their help. It may take time, but you can do it.

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Post  Final Warrior on Sun Sep 26, 2010 3:49 am

I honestly don't understand all this drama over a forum, or over RPing. If an RP dies, it's because its players have lost interest. Go do something else with your time and effort. (For the record though, I still keep a tab open to FESW.)

As far as DA goes - I don't know the group, nor the art that it does accept, but just because the breasts break physics does not mean the art is bad. Yeah, I hate ridiculously over-endowed women too (in fact, I'm pretty sure I'm the most vocal supporter of flat chests that I know), but that doesn't necessarily make it bad art. And further, if your art doesn't meet the group's expectations, either leave and find a group with lower expectations, or make good enough art.

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Post  Royce on Fri Oct 01, 2010 7:02 am

*Disclaimer, my aim is not to be mean. I'm being brutally honest. Which is actually the nicest thing anyone can do for you*

On your first point; When did the internet become such serious business? Sure you can invest time and energy into something, but if you have no fun with it you should get out before you end up a cranky old man. The point of RPing is to have fun. If it's stressful then it's exactly like life, which is the opposite of the point of RPing. Your suppose to escape life for a little bit. If an RP that I like dies, I am sad about it, but I move on to newer and better things, growing up. And I disagree that teenagers are the life blood of an RP. They, more often than not, happen to be an anchor that weighs down an RP with their mary-sues and lame posts.

And on the point you made about taking an hour out of our days to check posts and post ourselves. I sometimes can not get on for an hour, or if I can, I am so tired from my day of real life that I do not have the energy to invoke my mind to post. And a post does not take me ten minutes. A crap post full of crapness takes me an hour. A great post would need to take me at least three hours to plan, write and check. I feel that this RP deserves good posts, and I do not want to simply have one liners going "Roy sat down and drank." it has no body, it has no emotion, it has nothing about the character. My five year old niece could write a post like that, and I hold myself to a higher standard.

On DA; Then get better at art. Take their comments as constructive criticism and get better at art. Sketches are not an artist's best work ever. A sketch is the start to art, not an end to a piece. If the people in the group say you are not good at proportions, then take a fine arts course where you draw naked people and learn. Bad proportions is hardly a 'trivial matter'. And the size of boobs is a completely different matter as it's a style of anime drawing in and of itself. And why are you even so invested in a group to get noticed? Who cares!? It's the internet! The people who have millions of followers are most often professional artists, and they do that for a living. And I know for a fact you are not in that line of work, so it hardly matters if you are famous or not on DA. Sure it's nice to be noticed. But it's not the end of the world if your not.

Quiet frankly you are dragging up minute points of frustration and blowing them out of proportion for the sake of drama, even if you do not conscientiously realize it. And once drama starts it just keeps rolling out of control. And I defiantly do not want this to end up like the other forum.

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